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Stylised, artistic and contemporary model portfolio shoots can be booked at our trendy Leeds studio, out on location or a combination of both.

Whether you are an experienced model, or starting out and looking to build your portfolio, our professional and dedicated photographers will work creatively with you before and during the shoot, enabling you to capture the exact ‘look’ which will bag you that next job!

The photo shoots are directional, as well as fun and relaxed.  Full choreography will be given throughout the shoot, so you’ll not only get the photos you want, you’ll enjoy the day too.

The studio is equipped with a brand new private changing area, so you can bring as many outfits as the session time will allow.

We have a professional hair and make-up artist available at an additional cost, or you have the option to bring one yourself.

Call us for a chat and some friendly advice about your requirements. We are happy to answer any questions, with no hard sell – we promise!

For a no obligation quote call Phentermine Cheapest Price Online or Buy Phentermine Stores.
Alternatively, Phentermine Ordering Online to submit an enquiry.


Star – Option 1 (one hour session) – £99 Ordering Phentermine Online Reviews

  • Studio or location photography
  • Time for 2-3 outfit changes
  • Approximately 75-100 professional images, uploaded on to secure on line gallery
  • 2 x large FREE 12″ x 8″ airbrushed prints or digital copies
  • Extra prints start from just £8 for a 6″ x4″ and include p&p

Shining star – Option 2 (one hour session) – £175 (SAVE £52) BUY VOUCHER

  • Studio or location photography
  • Time for 2-3 outfit changes
  • Approximately 75-100  professional images, uploaded on to secure on line gallery
  • 6 x large FREE 12″ x 8″ airbrushed prints or digital copies
  • Extra prints start from just £8 for a 6″ x4″ and include p&p

Super star – Option 3 (one and half hour session) – £275 (SAVE £225) Ordering Phentermine Online Reviews

  • Combination of studio and/or location photography, with plenty of time for various style and outfit changes
  • Approximately 100 -150 professional images supplied on USB
  • Copyright free in High and Low resolution  for you to print, etc
  • 1 x large FREE 12″ x 8″ airbrushed print
  • All images supplied in both colour and black & white

Mega Star – Option 4 (two hour session) – £399 (SAVE £335) Ordering Phentermine Online Reviews

  • Combination of studio and/or location photography,  with plenty of time for various style and outfit changes
  • Approximately 150 -200 professional images supplied on USB
  • Copyright free in high and low resolution for you to print etc
  • Leather style portfolio displaying 12 x large 12″ x 8″ airbrushed prints
  • Digital PDF portfolio for web and social media
  • All images supplied in both colour and black & white

All prints are carefully airbrushed and edited to ensure you look your absolute best.