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We offer a wide range of commercial and social photography, including conferences, product launches, store openings, birthday parties, balls, charity events and awards dinners.

We capture stunning natural, informal documentary style pictures or more formal traditional images depending on your requirements. A mixture of both is often popular.

We guarantee full photographic coverage from start to finish, capturing the finer details and the wider excitement of your event, leaving you to relax and enjoy!

We have worked on thousands of events for large organisations such as: Google, BT, You-Tube, ASDA, Santander, 3 Mobile, Morrisons, NHS, amongst many other high profile clients.

Many top UK companies, both large and small, use images taken by us for company publications, websites, corporate advertising and PR.

Our professional studio is based in Leeds, so we are ideally located to cover events across the Yorkshire area.

 We always include:

  • Fantastic top quality images
  • Friendly tailored service
  • Professional photographers
  • State-of-the-art digital cameras, lights and backdrops

Options you can include:

  • On site printing
  • Master images on USB or digital transfer (no copyright restrictions)
  • On-line gallery for guests and clients to view and purchase pictures
  • Full prints package
  • Portable studio with professional backdrops and lights

Events covered:

parties – networking – balls – awards -functions – music – celebrations – conferences – birthdays – charity & art events – bar mitzvahs – christenings & religious ceremonies – VIP events – venue openings – bar & club nights – corporate functions – dinners – fashion and trade shows – exhibitions – product launches

For a no obligation quote call us on: Phentermine Cheapest Price Online or Buy Phentermine Stores.
Alternatively, Phentermine Ordering Online to submit an enquiry.